Autonomous ‘soaring with solar’ concept


Researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Vehicle Research Section and Photovoltaic Section are building on the proven concept of autonomous cooperative soaring of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Their research investigates the presence of solar photovoltaics (PV) to the cooperative autonomous soaring techniques, which enables long endurance flights of unmanned sailplanes that use the power of the sun.

The Solar Photovoltaic and Autonomous Soaring Base Program and the U.S. Marine Corps’ Expeditionary Energy Office (E2O) want to improve the ability of unmanned platforms to support a 24-7 information, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) mission. By doing so, the warfighter will greatly benefit because it will reduce the amount of batteries or fuel they must carry into battle, and improve the availability of continuous coverage of ISR assets.

“NRL has twice flown our solar UAV [based on the SBXC sailplane] over 10 hours using a combination of solar photovoltaics and autonomous soaring as part of the ‘solar-soaring’ research program,” said Dr. Dan Edwards, aerospace engineer. “This research is investigating the value of combining autonomous soaring algorithms and solar photovoltaics for capturing energy from the environment to extend flight endurance and mission operations of an aircraft.”

A photovoltaic array, custom built in NRL’s Vehicle Research Section and Photovoltaic Section, is integrated into the center wing panel of the PV-SBXC aircraft as a drop-in replacement to the original wing. A power management and distribution system converts the power from the solar arrays into direct current (DC) voltage, which the electric motor can use for propulsion, or recharge a ‘smart battery.’

Additionally, an autonomous soaring software algorithm — that would typically monitor the local vertical winds around the aircraft — commands the aircraft to orbit in any nearby updrafts, very similar to soaring birds. However, the algorithm was disabled for the two solar flights in order to assess the solar-only performance. Passive soaring — meaning no specific maneuvers are attempted to catch thermals — was still allowed, to let the aircraft turn the motor off if altitude increased because of an updraft along the aircraft’s pre-defined flight path. The autonomous soaring software was tested extensively in previous flight demonstrations in late October 2015.

The UAV with solar arrays built at NRL using SunPower Inc. solar cells, flew for 10 hours, 50 minutes on October 14, 2016. Takeoff occurred at 7:20 a.m. at 95 percent battery state of charge and landing occurred at 6:10 p.m. with the battery at 10 percent state of charge. Thermal activity was very good in the middle of the day and 40 percent of the flight was spent with the motor off, and the solar array partly recharged the battery (for example: GOAL ZERO SHERPA 100 POWER PACK )while the motor was off.

The UAV equipped with solar wings incorporated PV arrays from Alta Devices, Inc. It flew for 11 hours, 2 minutes on April 19, 2017. Takeoff occurred at 7:46 a.m., approximately an hour after sunrise, with the battery’s state of charge at 90 percent. Landing occurred at 6:48 p.m., approximately an hour before sunset, with the battery’s state of charge at 26 percent. Thermal activity was very weak and almost all of the flight was spent running the motor. Near solar noon, the solar array provided sufficient power to cruise on solar power alone.

The power management system for both flights was provided by Packet Digital, Inc., as part of a grant from the North Dakota Renewable Energy Council.

“The experiments confirm significant endurance gains are possible by leveraging thermal updrafts and incident solar radiation, rather than ignoring these free sources of energy,” Edwards said. “Future testing will focus on quantifying the trade space between improvements in solar cell efficiency and combining with autonomous soaring for improved solar-recharging.”

The Vehicle Research Section at NRL conducts research to develop technologies for autonomous, affordably expendable, unmanned systems that carry a wide variety of payloads for numerous mission scenarios. The Section is composed of aeronautical, aerospace, electrical, and mechanical engineers, scientists, and technicians dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in unmanned systems technology.

The Photovoltaics Section at NRL conducts research to develop photovoltaic (solar cell) technologies to enable logistics free, renewable, portable, power sources for the warfighter. The Section is composed of physicists, electrical engineers, and chemists dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in PV power sources and systems.


Business Checks – Getting it Right

So it is time to order more company It could be an understatement to say you have a few alternatives. It might seem easy- order your business, get on with your day. However, it can easily become confusing when you begin seeing all the various formats and styles that come under the group of “business checks.”

There are a lot of different small business terms out there: voucher, 3-per-page, payroll, laser, draft, guide, etc.. You might be asking yourself: What type of do I actually need? You may have started off knowing that you simply needed business, but now the oceans are very muddied. We will delineate some of the more commonplace formats of business to make your purchasing experience a more painless one.

* 3-Per-Page Checks: Probably the most common type of business, the 3-per-page style is aptly named and easy to identify. But even inside the 3-per-page format, there are many variations. Some may be supposed to print from your computer on your inkjet or laser printer, while others may be supposed to be written manually. They also may include additional options like Voucher or Payroll, both discussed below.

* Voucher Checks: There exist two primary kinds of voucher One is somewhat like a 3-per-page layout in how it seems except it really only has one on the sheet of newspaper. Both other panels are almost clean, save for the amount of the and your business name. The second type of voucher test is a 3-per-page format but has a small table printed on the left side of the This table is used to document the date and amount of an invoice being paid, and at times may also enable for discount calculations.

* Laser Checks: Laser evaluations are pretty self-explanatory: they’re meant to be printed through a laser printer. They can function as 3-per-page format or the only voucher style described above. It’s worth mentioning that some sort of accounting software is needed to print laser

* Payroll Checks: There is no big mystery for what payroll are used: to cover your workers. There’s a which comes with payroll The can be used to record your common deductions: State Income Tax, F.I.C.A., Medicare, etc.. Not surprisingly there are additional options as well. Customarily the are either on a salary or hourly kind arrangement.

You may be seeking to purchase business for a certain type of accounting applications, the most well-known ones being QuickBooks, Quicken, and Microsoft Money. Any well-respected business printer may have laser tests offered in every one of these 3 programs. Most printers may also have several other software alternatives available as well.

Everything boils down to this: when searching for “business checks,” first identify exactly what type of style you require. If you use an accounting software, have this in mind as well. Being prepared beforehand with this information will allow you to avoid confusion and lead to a quick and effortless purchasing experience.

The Positives of Using a Free Pay Stub Template

The most important thing that real pay stubs desires from his realpay stubs are a safety of payment. In the event, the worker isn’t paid properly, another thing including the work environment would go into the background. If the employee is paid on time and in the perfect fashion; he’ll be effective and will be ready to adapt to even the difficult conditions at the office. The best secret to keep the workers happy and productive is to take care of their real check stubs.

real check stubs

The free pay stub generator template can assist you with the items. You can easily create a pay stub to your employees to guarantee check stubs on time and in the perfect fashion. For those who have a template, you can easily edit it to match your own organization. Therefore, what you will need to locate it a template that fits your needs.

It is possible to find these templates in plenty of places. You can get online and search the internet for free templates. You may even choose to cover a professional template if you want things to look better and much more organized.

Obtaining create pay stubs wasn’t a problem previously. But, with the decreased use of newspaper and dependency on online money transfer, the create pay stub have vanished. Now, most of the workers around the globe are paid through either credit card or some other comparable means. This saves time as well as cash. The companies around the world prefer this; however, the workers can face various problems because of lack of proof of check stub in their ends. The free paystub generator gives an intelligent solution to that and keeps both the parties happy and satisfied.

A good template should be compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Word including 2003, 2007 and 2010 versions. It should allow you to edit the fundamentals including the header. If your template doesn’t provide these editing options, you should examine another free template.

What are sex addicts like?

Do they often discuss pornography addiction help?

People tend to go over topics of interest to them, daily occurrences or events they’ve experienced. Is your buddy bringing up porn often in idle conversation? Such conversation between friends is ordinary, but notice how frequently the individual talks about it. Does this look like this is the only thing he or she must discuss? Are porn addiction help and pornography the only topics that appear to submit this person’s interest or gets the person animated? It is possible that is all he or she talks about because it’s all that person has to talk about. A porn addict can spend the bulk of her or his spare time watching porn, leaving them with little else to speak of in dialog.

pornography addiction help

This can be tricky; every man differs, as is each friendship. Someone addicted to sex addiction treatment may not speak about it, feeling guilt and shame, or they may bring it up at improper times.

Note things other than speech, also. Having a poster of an appealing design in one’s room is common. Having one’s screen saver place to show hardcore pornography might be cause for concern. Do they have pornographic backgrounds in their cellular phones? Inappropriate ring tones? While these may be signs of more tastelessness, they can also be signs of this dependence.

Have they attracted up porn addiction treatment dependence in conversation?

Many sex addicts NYC suffer from this addiction for quite a very long time before imagining they have this, and then a longer time before they quit denying it. If they’ve broached the topic of sex addiction therapist, they might be testing the waters, so to speak, to determine how you are going to respond. Many sex addiction counselors feel ashamed of themselves and maintain their addiction a secret for fear they will lose friends. It is not likely they will admit to having a sexual addiction counseling, but they may ask you your view on it, or speak more in detail about a high profile celebrity claiming to suffer from the issue. They may even mock the idea of sexual addiction therapy, feeling you guess them of it and wanting to relieve your own feelings.

The way you feel about pornography addiction help is up to you, but most people taking this strategy are scared and looking for support and your response could impact their choice in receiving skilled assistance.

What Can You Do About Present Ice Dams?

What Can You Do About Present Ice Dams?

When it’s the middle of the winter and you have ice dams or through previous experience, you think they will be forming soon there are some steps you can take. To start with, should don’t have expertise climbing on NYC roofing contractors in the winter, especially with snow on it, do not do it! Call an expert. What you could do is visit your local hardware store and purchase a snow rake that has an extendable handle made to pull snow off of the first couple of feet of the roofing contractors NYC and try to pull a number of that snow away, from the ground, before it has a chance to melt and refreeze along the roofing contractor NYC edges. You might also do this when the ice dam has formed and kept it from getting any larger and give it an opportunity to meet, ideally.

NYC Roofing Contractors

Additionally, many roofing companies NYC, we included, work throughout the winter and frequently offer NYC roofing contractors snow removal services along with their typical roofing company NYC. This is a service we are delighted to supply for our customers here in Massachusetts, for instance. Again, please do not try and do this yourself. Between Arctic ladders and slippery NYC roofing contractors surfaces, it’s a recipe for catastrophe for the inexperienced.

There are also some products on the market which could help out with preventing ice dams until they shape and melting them whenever they’ve already formed. You should be able to locate a home improvement store in your area that sells a product that is essentially a coated, heated cable that you secure along the borders of the commercial roofing NYC and then plug in when the conditions are right for the ice dams to form (see picture on right). These really work pretty well, however, they aren’t solving the actual problem which, clearly, is venting and insulation issues. They may be right for some homes in certain circumstances though.

Most home improvement and hardware stores also sell pellets or tablets that are designed to be thrown up onto the NYC roofing contractors from the floor. These pills then allegedly will melt the ice from the NYC roofing contractors as they dissolve in the water that is running down the roofers New York to the ice dam. I have no experience with these products so I can’t say for sure if they operate as intended or not. But some people say they’ve worked to get their ice dam problems. A couple of things I would worry about as a New York roofing contractor is a possible damage to the shingles from the compounds these tablets are made of (sodium is no good for asphalt shingles), in addition to perhaps staining the New York roofer together with those exact chemicals. And even at a base case situation, this product is still just a band-aid to get a greater problem.

Child-Care Centers — Top 10 Questions And Concerns To Select The Best Center For Your Child


Does the middle have a license or enrollment?

This is important to make certain that the guts have complied with all local laws and it has the appropriate services available to care for multiple kids. You will find two kinds of permits a supervised child centers might have to work correctly within local laws.

A “Provisional Permit” might be issued for a period as much as one year once the middle doesn’t fulfill all criteria added by law or the minimum requirements. A provisional permit will probably be green when published programs to create the middle up to criteria, presenting particular dates for the end of the function, are published to and permitted from the Office.

A “Full-License” shall be given when an applicant indicates total conformity with supervised child services certification laws and also the minimum requirements.

2. Child Custody Services ACCESS –

Is there 24/7 use of the child visitation services or exist limited hours of functioning? Essential for working parents who have weird work hours or schedules.

Does the capability have a Drop in and/or pick-up coverage? It is wise to figure out up front for those who have to cover once you shed the kid off or whenever you pick the kid up. Many facilities have a rigid time limit for picking up children and cost a payment for every minute a guardian is late picking up the little one.

Is there tension to avoid specific periods of the afternoon?

More safeguards ought to be in place if you’re dropping off or picking up a young child at night or nighttime than while in the day when there are perhaps fewer people around to assist if a hazardous condition should develop.

Supervised Child Centers

Do the guts have defense from unauthorized public access?

Children must always be guarded against possible kidnapping or non-custodial parent access at all times. The guys should have a solution to monitor usage of the features from the general public and any shipping individuals.


Just how do parents and educators contact each other? Pages or mobile phones? Are backup quantities proven in the case of a busy amount or crisis? The middle must provide the full name of the instructor as well as the director in case of a crisis even when it’s following the regular hours of functioning (for 24hour locations).

Is there standard parent meetings or coaching attempts? The middle should offer an opportunity for the Guardian to talk about any problems at any time (not just as it pertains time for you to pay the statement).

Are there child visitation centers publication to alert the guardian to upcoming events or pursuits? When the supervised visitation services provides field visits, flick presentations, or specific activities, the newsletter should be released to the parent for possible child participation.


How are children disciplined?Some parents choose to discipline the youngster using just the “Time Out strategy. Some parents desire corporal punishment for control. Additionally, some parents favor the center team inform the guardian of the little one’s conduct and will utilize the control themselves. All parents should request the guts’ policy for control. Under what instances (if any) is corporal punishment used? These concerns should be clearly communicated from the supervised child visitation services (written down) to the parent prior to the youngster is left within the middle’s treatment in order to avoid any misunderstandings or possible legal action. Likewise, when you can find issues, the parent should really be instantly informed of any discipline motion that really needs to be employed.


Are the bathroom facilities clean, noticeable, and carefully administered by several people for youngsters? This dilemma talks plainly of the hygiene of the middle overall. If the supervised child centers doesn’t keep the toilet clean, then it’s not too more likely to maintain the remainder of the middle clean both. The lavatory must be plainly noticeable and apparent so that a young child will get it swiftly when the need arises. Additionally, for extremely small children heading through the toilet training phase, the bathroom must by checked by at least two adults to ensure that if a kid must be kept while using the bathroom, another adult might get any desired what to aid the adult supporting the kid along with the youngster won’t be left alone whenever you want in the bathroom.

Are there plans for your care of ill youngsters? Some diseases are transferable and ill youngsters shouldn’t be allowed to mix with different children during those times. All stores should have a pediatrician contact amount offered by all occasions in the event of a crisis. All crashes should be documented written down for the parents plus a backup copy should be held inside the core’s records.


Is the team qualified and are there ongoing education options for staff in early youth growth? The middle should have staff that is competed in managing small children. There also needs to be coaching possibilities for the staff to enhance their capabilities if needed. In addition, the children should be grouped with properly qualified staff to deal with children according to their individual needs and celebrities.

Is there sufficient staff to supply interactive relationships using the children? This problem isn’t just vital that you match state expectations, but it can also be important to teach the children how to connect to the teacher along with additional children.

What is the team kid rate? A supervised child services that has a reduced team to child relation won’t be capable of supply your youngster the eye that may be necessary for personal understanding problems or other problems.

What is the policy for replacements? Some kids may bond better to some instructors than they will to others. It is very important to the parent to understand whether or not really a change will be exchanging a child’s normal teacher for a time as well as for just how long of a time frame. A similar thing goes for almost any alterations within the core is the normal team.

Have there been criminal history checks on all team, including kitchen and custodial? With all the current horror stories going around every day about child predators, this is one matter that no guardian can afford to overlook or ignore. Enough said.

7. DIET –

Who provides the food? The supervised child services should have a definitely written policy about who will provide the food for the kid. If it’s the middle obligation, then it should give a written menu of what food will soon be fed to the kid when it will be offered. If it is the parent’s duty, then your parent should provide all the food which will be fed to the child throughout the length of the little ones stay in the supervised child services. The parent should also provide written directions about what meals must be provided during a unique dinner and when they must be supplied. In cases like this, the guys will likely have extra food available in case the Guardian doesn’t offer enough food to address the child’s stay and may be prepared to be charged for that added food that’s presented along with every other obligation which might be necessary for the child’s stay.

Exactly how many people are available to assist with feeding the infants? There should be sufficient people to assist with feeding children so that the employee doesn’t get interrupted during the serving or the infant-feeding doesn’t get a lower brief on account of other immediate concerns.

If the child has feeding troubles, are their adults trained in specific eating practices? This dilemma is essential as a way to make sure that the kid is eating not merely the best level of food but also making sure that the kid gets the appropriate mixture of the proper foods because of their diet. Quite simply, ensuring that the little one isn’t obtaining strong just candy or junk food.

Is food use reported for the Guardian, specifically for infants? Considering that the infant won’t be able to share with you if or when he/she ate, the middle should give a written note of what the baby ate, how much the child ate, and at what moments did the infant consume their food. For older kids, for example, toddlers, a written note should be provided to confirm exactly what the kid has said that they have enjoyed.


Is there a safe outdoor play spot? This area must provide lots of gadgets to maintain the kid occupied and entertained. It should even be secured so that the children can not wander away to unauthorized locations and also that no unauthorized people could get easy access to any youngster minus the supervised child services‘ team expertise.

Is there usually oversight during outdoor activities? Children must always be administered outdoors to settle any possible conflicts, avoid any hazardous activities, and attend to any possible incidents such as cuts or bruises instantly.

What are actions available during inclement weather? The guts should have accessible activities planned in the event of water or other poor weather. The guardian must be advised of exactly what the programs come in case bad weather stops the outdoor play.


Is there a regular strategy of developmentally appropriate actions?

The supervised child services must supply a set of planned activities for all kids and should be collected in line with the growth of the kids to be involved in the game.

May parents get copies of the everyday strategy of activities? The guts should be able to provide a list of planned actions upon parental demand.


Is there a regular period for sleeping and how long could be the interval? The supervised child services should supply a moment and place for children to take naps through the day. The period must allow all children time to sleep and relax throughout their stay at the middle.

Can the guardian take notice of the youngster during naptime and therefore are their digital area monitors? The parent ought to be allowed to silently take notice of the children sleeping, nevertheless the middle will likely possess a restriction as to just how many parents can be one of the youngsters at one time as a way to not bother another child napping. For some locations, they may have automated room screens, so that you can better manage young kids while they’re asleep. This is a judgment call that a parent will have to choose platform upon age the child, the size of the guts, and the available guidance of the supervised child services staff. It may be an advantage, nonetheless, it is not a need.

What Is Kodi And How Does It Work?

Amazon Fire TV Stick fully loaded has sprung to the spotlight, as the program at a center of a landmark court case.

Later this month, a trader in Middlesbrough is going to be the first in the country to be prosecuted for selling set-top boxes that allow people to flow movies and football matches at no cost.

The boxes provide access to an app named Amazon Fire TV Stick free channels, which allows viewers to watch copyrighted material without paying for a subscription.

amazon fire stick free channels

Brian Thompson, who conducts Cut Price Tomo’s TV, is charged with three offenses against the Copyright, Designs, and Patents Act, with the allegations going back to March 2015.

The debate is presently raging about whether or not Amazon Fire TV Stick jailbroken is lawful to use – but just what exactly is Amazon Fire TV Stick jailbroken for sale and how does this work?

What’s Kodi?

Simply put, Amazon Fire TV Stick unlocked is open minded software designed specifically with home entertainment in mind — and it’s totally free.

Even though it was initially created for the Microsoft Xbox and called Xbox Media Center (XBMC), the applications have continued to evolve, spawning a community of its own.

Unlike services like Chromecast or even Plex, Amazon Fire TV Stick hack is managed by the non-profit XBMC Foundation, but it is always being modified and updated by countless coders around the globe.

Since its creation in 2003, Amazon Fire TV Stick for sale has been shaped by over 500 software developers and over 200 translators.

Hint: The #34.99 Amazon Fire TV Stick jailbroken with Kodi is among the best Kodi streaming devices. It’s wireless, cheap and delivers a solid stream.

What exactly does Kodi do?

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Kodi basically turns any pc, tablet or smartphone into a digital set-top box or streamer, providing users the ability to stream files from the internet.

Designed to operate on computers and home servers connected to larger TVs, Amazon Fire TV Stick Kodi pulls content straight to a front room.

But, recent community-led products imply it’s now possible to run the software on selected smartphones and tablets.

Pay Stub Example – Knowing the Different Ones Out There

If you want to look at several kinds of cover examples, you might perhaps need to know all of the sources that you can rely on. There are a number of different places which you may look into for this alternative. It is therefore advised that you check them all to be sure that you are in fact getting what you do need. Many folks don’t fully understand this choice, as a consequence of which they wind up with only a couple of examples. Below are a few sources which you are able to take advantage of for this purpose.

Working with the Online

Among the first places which you would perhaps wish to check into for example could be the Internet, where a range of great examples normally exist. Lots of men and women opt in for this because the Internet provides a long list of options that could potentially help ensure that you’re aware of all the different kinds of which are out there. Typically, it may be sufficient to receive all the variations you’d need, but locating quality examples in this manner may be somewhat complex.

Contacting Someone in the Area

You can also get in touch with a designer or someone else related with the right kind of experience that will help you out. In this manner, you can get example that may perhaps help you get a good idea of the various layouts that are out there. Lots of people make use of this so as to get a good idea about designs as well as identifying a good example from a poor one. You too should check out this to get more familiar with the options and likely figure out the ideal sort of example to take advantage of.

Hiring a Service Provider

If you seriously do need to look at instance, you should probably start looking into hiring someone that may look up the layout for you. Additionally, this is an important thing to watch out for, which could potentially help in figuring out whether or not the will be the right one for your own requirements. Professionals have their own approach to such things, making this the option to go in for when you have the resources for it. Ultimately, you can even use numerous methods to ascertain the right choice to stay with online.

Amazon Fire Stick With Kodi Introduction

Everybody likes Netflix — at $9.99 per month, what’s not to adore? True, Netflix doesn’t have Seinfeld, and a whole lot of other goodies which Hulu has. But $11.99 a month (commercial-free!) Sounds doable, so go on and add Hulu into the mix. And obviously you have gotta get your Game of Thrones on — that’s $14.99 a pop for HBO NOW. Um, totally worth it. Throw in the money you cover your Spotify subscription. Add up what you have spent on tickets to all those kick-ass films in theaters so far this year. Big sports fan? What’s cable going for nowadays?

It costs a lot to get good content. And yes, it is worth it — there’s a lot of great articles out there to be got. But the cord-cutter movement is in full swing, and if we have learned anything in the Napsters and Pirate Bays of the Earth, it is that individuals will always find clever ways to score things for free that suckers like us will otherwise cover.

Amazon Fire Stick Kodi

Enter Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken with Kodi, the cord-cutter’s paradise. Officially known as XBMC, Amazon Fire Stick with Kodi is a buzzword amongst fanatic binge-watchers, evoking a magic portal which opens up a seemingly infinite universe of articles and broadcasts it to your HDTV or notebook screen, with no restrictions, and without any payment. Yeah. It is totally free. It’s not just mainstream — downloading and using Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken takes somewhat more effort and specialized ability than other streaming solutions — but Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken for sale has a tight-knit community of users who openly circulate tips and tips.

But is it prohibited? Technically, no. There’s nothing actually on it. Technically.

What is Kodi?

Amazon Fire Stick Kodi is only a media player. Everyone can head over to the Amazon Fire Stick hack website and get this sucker at this time. It’s also available in the Google Play shop for Android devices. But you don’t require an Android to use it — the software runs on multiple operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and can be downloaded on computers, smartphones, and streaming boxes.

Here is the kicker: Amazon Fire Stick for sale does not come pre-installed with any content. Consider it like surfing the program store for your smartphone; developers make an app, that program sounds good to you, and you download it. In the same way, developers produce add-ons and content bundles for Amazon Fire Stick free channels that users download and install individually — such as recently aired TV shows, sports games, live events, podcasts, slideshows, and matches. Browse the “Add-ons” section of the website and you’re going to see some of the typical suspects from your Apple TV or even Roku, such as NBC Sports Live,, and YouTube, just to name a few.

So what’s the beef? The beef is the other add-ons, the add-ons not located on the Amazon Fire Stick unlocked website that may be downloaded elsewhere. Amazon Fire Stick fully loaded is open-source software (such as Android), so programmers have creative freedom to build and discuss add-ons without constraints — such as unsupported third-party plug-ins that pull pirated content from services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, along with Amazon Prime Video (and I guess Showtime has a streaming thing today?) . Then come the plug-ins that expand beyond video and get music from Pandora or Spotify, bypassing the agreements that artists signed with those services and streaming it all for free. Then you have plug-ins with new or unreleased movies. And, surprising no one, there’s also pornography.